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Are you a victim of your own enthusiasm?

As an ex professional Athlete, I have had many hurdles to overcome along the way. For example I suffered a bad knee injury from over training in my early twenties and was unable to run for over a year. I suppose I was a victim of my own enthusiasm and ability to push my self to extreme limits. It taught me to train smarter.

Planning & structuring your programme

It is not just a matter of training hard. Tapering is the most important element of the programme, if you want to win. Also how do you structure your programe if you want to peak for more than one race a year? You must work to a plan, and that plan must be structured and tailored to fit your lifestyle.

The right training methods & the results you deserve

I permanently lament the fact that so many athletes fail to reach their goals because they are so addicted to training, ultimately over training and under achieving. If you are highly competitive but race results never seem to reflect how hard you train, our training methods may be just what you need. As you will see the team represent some of the top specialists in their field, who will offer advice, coaching, sports testing and rehabilitation to help you achieve your goals.

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