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  • The Perfect Taper

    Tapering is an individual process but it should give the same result – deliver the athlete to the start line rested and ready to deliver their best. The general rule of thumb is to reduce intensity and volume but keep enough tension in the legs......

  • Believe in Power

    Guest Post from Akhil Viz As a triathlete, running is a major component of my training. I got hooked on to triathlon towards the end of 2011 when I did my first Sprint triathlon and immediately decided I would race in an Ironman ten months......

  • Thinking about a training camp?

    Training camps can often seem like an expensive week of torture, however if you put some thought into what you want to gain from attending a training camp then you could set yourself up for your most successful season to date. Below, the Team from......

  • Running shoes with less cushioning can reduce injury, study shows

    This week a very interesting article was published in the Guardian, referring to a study that shows lower profile shoes with less cushioning can actually help reduce injury. It’s a very interesting topic and as a big fan of lower profile shoes...

  • Buying a wetsuit

    Buying a wetsuit  Flexibility and buoyancy All wetsuits are a trade-off between flexibility and buoyancy. The more buoyant the wetsuit, the less flexible it is. The reverse is also true the more flexibility you have the less buoyancy there is. Unfo...

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Q: I’m a heel striker. I’ve tried various drills for months, but I’m still not seeing any changes. What else can I do? ( @lisa_triing_ )

A: Drills to correct heal striking include; high knee, skipping, butt kicks, and running on the spot. If you run on the spot you must land forefoot !
BUT drills are sometimes not enough, you need to build up calf strength as well otherwise you will revert to heel striking when tired.

Exercises to strengthen calves :

1. short steep hill running. If the slope is steep it is impossible to run on your heels do reps up and down until your calves ache ! Make sure you land on your toes on the way down as well.

2. Alternate with running up hill backwards, this promotes forefoot strike and builds up quad muscles
( click video “backwards” on my profile).

3. Do specific calf strengthening exercises in the gym.
( model @carolefuchs professional trail runner, who I am currently coaching ).

Good luck.... 😉
#naturalrunning #forefootrunning #forefootstrike #hillrunning #trailrunning #runningcoach #planetsportsrun #miketrees

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Q : Do you have any tips for pre race stress and performance anxiety? Thanks @10.k.jay

A: As I am racing my first Olympic distance triathlon in Japan this weekend for over 10 years, I think I this is a good Q to answer.

Only you can control your race !
Too many people stress about being beaten, but step back a bit, if you do the best you can and still get beaten by a rival then, that person does not make you any slower and they should be congratulated.
Concentrate on what you can control not what you can’t control.
For example; you can get your pre race nutrition right, don’t over eat or under eat due to nerves !

You can taper and rest up; don’t over train !
Set your self a realistic goal. If you have been sick or injured you probably won’t do too well !
Once you are realistic with your expectations and stop worrying about what other people may or may not think, you are over half way towards doing well.
Imagine the race and how you will do it.
I always go round the course in a car in advance and imagine myself racing, I will then go over this many times in my head.
If it’s hot, I will imagine how I will feel in the heat, and make sure I drink plenty.
If it’s cold I will have the right amount of layers on.
The only thing to fear is being under prepared. If you have trained well then enjoy the day and if it goes badly don’t beat yourself up, just learn from the mistakes and try not the make the same
mistakes again.
I used to feel nervous and worry about “ what if....” and I tended to race badly.
Now I use a race to show off all the training, hard work and preparation I have done and I make sure I enjoy every minute, because, that entry fee usually cost me a lot of hard earned dollars $ ❗️
#raceday #nerves #running #triathlon #runningcoach #triathloncoach #planetsportsrun #miketrees

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