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  • The Perfect Taper

    Tapering is an individual process but it should give the same result – deliver the athlete to the start line rested and ready to deliver their best. The general rule of thumb is to reduce intensity and volume but keep enough tension in the legs......

  • Believe in Power

    Guest Post from Akhil Viz As a triathlete, running is a major component of my training. I got hooked on to triathlon towards the end of 2011 when I did my first Sprint triathlon and immediately decided I would race in an Ironman ten months......

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    Training camps can often seem like an expensive week of torture, however if you put some thought into what you want to gain from attending a training camp then you could set yourself up for your most successful season to date. Below, the Team from......

  • Running shoes with less cushioning can reduce injury, study shows

    This week a very interesting article was published in the Guardian, referring to a study that shows lower profile shoes with less cushioning can actually help reduce injury. It’s a very interesting topic and as a big fan of lower profile shoes...

  • Buying a wetsuit

    Buying a wetsuit  Flexibility and buoyancy All wetsuits are a trade-off between flexibility and buoyancy. The more buoyant the wetsuit, the less flexible it is. The reverse is also true the more flexibility you have the less buoyancy there is. Unfo...

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How long should my long run be? (@bonafithrah )
Follow these 3 basic rules and you won’t go too far wrong 👍

1. Distance/time
A long run should never make up more that 25-30% of your weekly training volume !
If you run 50km a week it should be 12.5km -15 km
If you run 100km a week, then 25-30km etc etc
I do triathlon training and so train based on time. I train about 10 hours a week so in theory I could run for up 3hrs if I wanted. But as I do not do marathons I very rarely run over 1.5hrs.
2. Speed/Pace
If you run with others, you must run at the pace of the slowest runner.
If you can’t all talk while running, you are going too fast.
3. And that’s all there is to it apart from.....Have fun 😊 —>> If you like this advice, please share it on Instagram and don’t forget to follow me, ( @miketrees.nrg ).
I am posting great tips everyday in December.
Also read back through the ones I have already posted............................. #longrun #runningman #runningcoach #runningcommunity #runningmotivation #easyrun #longslowdistance #longslowrun #jogging #askthecoach #triathloncoach

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Q : How do we break 3hrs for the marathon
@chaidirakbar PB 3:09
@lolang_lustang PB 3:05

A: this is very hard to answer here, but I will give it a go.
We need to break the target down into manageable bits
You need to run approx 4min 15 per km for 42km.
Or 5km in 21:15 !
Level 1
So... if you can not run a 5km under 20mins, in my view, you won’t run a marathon under 3 hrs. You will need to run a sub 20 5km before moving to the next level
Level 2
Sub 40 for 10km
Once you have a sub 20/5km under your belt, will need intervals, and attack a sub 40min/10km
I suggest the key set to be
8x1km with 200m jog recovery
These need to be all run in 3:55 or under, to achieve a sub 40
Level 3
Sub 1:25 for half marathon
This involves more stamina work. After achieving a sub 40 10km you have good leg speed,
So I suggest a 10 week program of endurance running.
Based around on long run of
1x24km a week easy 6min/km
1x 16km a week steady 5min/km
1x8km hard ( at 4:15/km pace )
Anything else is just easy running between 5-6min/km
Level 4 sub 3
I would not challenge a sub 3 until you have achieved a sub 1:25
You need to work on extending the long run from 24km-32km a week 6min/km or slower
16km TT must be done at 4:15 pace
2x12km at 5min/km
Any other running is easy at 6min/km or slower.
You will need at least 8 weeks of this to get the speed endurance.
NOTE: 3:05- 3:10 marathons may look very close to a sub 3 but in reality it will take about a year of focused training to achieve.
Good luck, it’s a great target to aim for
#sub3project #marathontraining #sub3marathon #marathon #halfmarathon #runningmotivation #runningcoach

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