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  • The Perfect Taper

    Tapering is an individual process but it should give the same result – deliver the athlete to the start line rested and ready to deliver their best. The general rule of thumb is to reduce intensity and volume but keep enough tension in the legs......

  • Believe in Power

    Guest Post from Akhil Viz As a triathlete, running is a major component of my training. I got hooked on to triathlon towards the end of 2011 when I did my first Sprint triathlon and immediately decided I would race in an Ironman ten months......

  • Thinking about a training camp?

    Training camps can often seem like an expensive week of torture, however if you put some thought into what you want to gain from attending a training camp then you could set yourself up for your most successful season to date. Below, the Team from......

  • Running shoes with less cushioning can reduce injury, study shows

    This week a very interesting article was published in the Guardian, referring to a study that shows lower profile shoes with less cushioning can actually help reduce injury. It’s a very interesting topic and as a big fan of lower profile shoes...

  • Buying a wetsuit

    Buying a wetsuit  Flexibility and buoyancy All wetsuits are a trade-off between flexibility and buoyancy. The more buoyant the wetsuit, the less flexible it is. The reverse is also true the more flexibility you have the less buoyancy there is. Unfo...

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Nippon Sports Science University 5,000m Time Trial
Official Time: 16:54.97
Ave HR 158
Max HR 168
Cadence 181
Recovery HR 168-95
with 2mins easy jogging.

It’s been a big week of training again. I am pleased to sneak under 17mins at 56 on very very tired legs.
The long term goal remains the same
Sub16min 5,000m

It’s a bit early for a beer, but I’m having one anyway to mark the end of the week.🍺🍻
Back in to pool for a 4km swim tomorrow morning.

#livingthedream #stilllivingthedream
#5km #trackandfield #skechersindo #zebrashoes #runningman #runningmotivation #runningshoes #runningcoach

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Here is a typical week’s training. This is my base training phase from October to January. (12weeks)
I often get asked exactly what I do, so here is a week from 29th Oct

Monday : Strength & leg speed
AM Swim 2km /40mins
PM Circuit circuit/run 6km /90 mins

Tues : Bike/run/bike/run/bike
B 15km easy
R Drills x3 sets (core and hill drill)
B 4x circuit 15km hard
R 7km easy
B 15km easy ( Tot 3hrs30)

Wed : Intervals
Track session
Oda field drills / skipping
10x50m sprints
6x200m 33, 32, 31, 32, 31, 31
6x1km on 5min
3:20 average ( 80sec laps)
Dist 17km / 2 hrs.

Thursday :
AM : Easy Bike 30km /60 mins
Hill sprints/drills circuits 60mins followed by 7km run (30mins)

Fri : Strength & leg speed
AM Circuits 60 mins
hill reps and drills 8km/ 60mins
PM Swim 2km /40mins

Sat : Recovery day
AM 40km easy bike 90min
PM 2,000m drill swim 40min

Sun : 10km TT
AM Time 36 : 09
( Distance 16km / 2 hrs )
Total training 16hrs
#skechersindo #swimbikerun #triathlon #training #trackandfield #intervals #coreworkout #hillworkout #swimming

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