Are outstanding sports performances believable anymore?

1 Apr

Are outstanding sports performances believable anymore?

Twitter is on fire right now and full of doping accusations against an ethiopian distance runner for setting a new 10,000m running world record.

It seems that in the current state of affairs in elite sport that any outstanding performance is deemed ”unbelievable”. This is not without just cause as you can’t move for stories of state sponsored doping, corruption covering up failed tests and athletes getting caught taking banned substances.

I like to stay on the positive side of the fence and believe that people are innocent until proven guilty. But when I see an endurance world record broken by an athlete who isn’t even out of breath at the finish I struggle to not hop the fence!

I have faith and want to believe that there are clean athletes out there capable of ”unbelievable” performances and feel sorry for those athletes wrongly accused.

Are we ruining sport for ourselves by having such an accusatory attitude? Perhaps if the media were more responsible with their reporting it wouldn’t tinge our viewing with so much doubt. See how Lizzie Armitstead’s missed drugs tests were reported recently.Or perhaps we should take things into our own hands any boycott viewing of such unbelievable performances. I for one want to believe clean sport exists and won’t be accusing anyone of doping unless i’m in possession of all the facts.

[mkdf_blockquote text=”"I’m not sure that I can understand that. When I saw the world record set in 1993, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And Ayana has absolutely blitzed that time." – Paula Radcliffe, Marathon world record holder” width=”92%”]