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Harrisson has what people would call a “typical” runner’s story. Starting with a local 10km race in December 2008, he took the challenge to run his first Half Marathon two weeks later, finishing in 2:04 and barely being able to walk for an entire week afterwards. Running has become a passion ever since and he has dedicated his heart into the sport. The same year he finished his first marathon in Chicago in 3:19. Then in 2012, he ran 2:48 in Tokyo Marathon. He then further lowered his time in 2015 in Betsudai-Beppu marathon in 2:43.

Harrisson now specializes on ultra distances on mountain roads. He finished the 100km Hida-Takayama 2014 and 2016 in 8:58 and 8:36 respectively, placing 15th and 7th overall out of about 1500 runners. In 2016 he also took 1st place overall in the Miyako-jima 50km, 3rd place overall during the 58km Oshima Ultramarathon and 6th place overall in the 50km Shirakawago Ultramarathon.

His journey in the sport has not been without obstacles and failures. Like most runners, he had to deal with most common injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tibial stress fractures, tibial tendonitis, IT band syndrome and more. Even so, those challenges did not stop him from improving. Having a martial arts background (Kung Fu) before he started running, he keeps a deep influence from Bruce Lee in the way he approaches training: empirical and scientific, trying to apply aspects of various methods, school of thoughts and looking beyond the scope of pure running.

On the nutritional side he has explored a wide spectrum from very high carb to a Ketogenic diet. On the training side, he has experienced many types of methods and philosophies from different running and strength coaches such as P. Maffetone, R. Canova, Jack Daniels, Arthur Lydiard, Charles Poquelin … He believes in borrowing concepts from other sports and extrapolating it into running. From track & field disciplines such as high and long jumps, sprinting, to power lifting, bodybuilding, kettlebell training. There is no one-size-fits-all-shoe type of training for him. Flexibility and versatility are keys to success. Hence his methods lies on a highly individualized type of approach to fit each athletes needs according to his/her goals and background.

Harrisson is based in Tokyo. He is a NAASFP certified running coach and a NASM certified Strength & Conditioning coach.