Product Reviews

2nd October 2016There’s an increasing school of thought that complementing carbohydrate ingestion with a shot of protein during long sessions accelerates recovery. It could also prevent muscle breakdown, albeit that’s more applicable to a multi-stage event. Cue the Roctane, that comprises 1.5g of amino acids including the fast-acting leucine and lesser-known L-valine. It also contains 75mg of beta-alanine, which is converted into carnosine that then acts as an acid buffer – favourable during high-intensity exercise. But as the gel’s targeted at the lower-intensity ultra-endurance sector, we remain unconvinced of its addition. The final lab-related ingredient of note is ornithine alpha-ketaglutarate, which again supports recovery. There’s also nominal evidence of making exercise easier via the nitric oxide pathway. It  also contains 21g of carbs and 180mg sodium. ›› VERDICT 80% Check the full review here: GU Roctane in 220   [...]
26th September 2016When the Newtons strode onto the market, I predicted they’d be a fad. Well, nine years later, I’m eating my words! Versatility’s been key to Newton’s success with the Fate 2 following its predecessor with relatively shallow lugs. (For newcomers, Newton’s USP are lugs across the metatarsals to steer you into a ‘natural’ forefoot landing position.) There’s an argument that they’re so shallow, you’re better off with a traditional pair of neutral shoes but these transition smoothly, fit well and, like most Newtons, respond efficiently. They’re certainly niche, and not just because of that lug – their low profile construction might not suit heavier runners; that said, they’re no überlightweights (301g), the five lugs clearly adding weight. The upper’s purportedly delivers an efficient ride but they more breathable than the original Fate certainly won’t suit all but that’s princess-and-pea stuff. ›› VERDICT 80% Check the full review here: Fate II in 220 [...]
12th September 2016The fifth edition of the Gravity is Newton Running’s finest work to date. The pinnacle of performance and comfort, the Gravity is ideal for high mileage training and racing and has been one of Newton’s top selling models since its inception. See full review here. [...]
12th September 2016The Newton Tri Racer, designed with speed in mind, offers up a super sleek and responsive ride. This low profile, zero drop triathlon shoe features a lightweight, one-piece upper that seamlessly secures the foot with no compromise on comfort and efficiency. See full review here. [...]
12th September 2016It had to happen, the implementation of a new metric for runners! The king, heart rate is about to get a viable contender challenging for supremecy! See full review here. [...]
12th September 2016The Stryd Running Power Meter, the only one on the market at the moment, scored an impressive 88% and got awarded Editor’s Choice when we put it through its paces. See full review here. [...]
1st September 2016DC Rainmaker has done his usual thorough review of the new STRYD device which will be launched later this month. Great to see the new foot pod device getting some praise. See full review here. [...]