Global Muscle Stretch

1 May

Global Muscle Stretch

In the last of our current series of Stretches for Triathletes, Carl Holland looks at the Global Muscle Stretch.

Why: This particular stretch/movement pattern incorporates a host of muscle groups throughout our body, so it will typically target/be felt by an individual in areas which are tight and or structurally restrictive for them.

Consequently, this full body stretch and mobility exercise, could help to improve our ability to twist/rotate our body – such as when breathing during front crawl.

Start: Start by laying flat on your back, with your arms stretched out above your head.

Action: Bring your right arm down to shoulder level, before slowly starting to twist/rotate your hips to the left. Now bring your right knee level with your hips, before attempting to straighten your right knee; but remember, you are also aiming to keep as much of your right arm in contact with the ground as possible. (Thereafter, please refer to the ‘key points to remember’ as previously highlighted).

Finish: To exit this position, gradually reverse this set up – ie: bend your right knee, let your legs come together, before slowing returning to lying flat on your back and allowing your right arm to return to its original position above your head and alongside the left arm.