Run Circuits for Triathlon

1 Mar

Run Circuits for Triathlon

Throughout the winter, a group of us have been working on our triathlon run speed down at The Windsor Slough and Eton Track. We meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm for anyone keen to join in.

We have progressed from 400m intervals through 800m’s to 1,200m’s and onto mile reps. Now we have reached race season the run training has switched slightly to allow us to keep running hard even when our muscles are fatigued, thus simulating  triathlon without all the other stresses that are involved.

This run circuit will  spice up your training offering variety that you may not have tried before. It is a very tough session and easy to over-cook because you set out too hard or to underperform because you are not rested enough before starting. Always try and do it in a group or with someone else so that you can motivate each other.

If done correctly you will notice it takes big chunks of time off your run splits….so give it a go.

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