The Struggle to Get Fit Again

1 Jan

The Struggle to Get Fit Again

This the first entry of my struggle to get fit again.

Having  trained for nearly 40 years,  since I was 9 year of age, and coached for over 25 years, I know what I should be doing.

However, where  as I used to motivate that lucky group of full time athletes to train, I now understand what the rest of the world age group triathletes are going through. I don’t have all day to train anymore. I don’t have access to the best medical facilities any more, and I don’t get given my gear for free any more. However I love this sport and still want to maximise my fitness and enjoyment.

But through this blog I will  offer some of the library of knowledge and experience that I have picked up over the years.

This  website will develop over the weeks, with training articles being added, coaching and rehabilitation and fitness testing also being offered.

My aim is to help motive and educate athletes to train more efficiently and more effectively, to learn from my mistakes and from my findings and my years of research and coaching.

My blog will document my training and any tips I may be able to pass on along the way. Other pages of this site will offer coaching, sports testing and even injury rehabilitation.

Hopefully over time this site  will grow into a good little reference website, you can  turn for motivation and guidance with your swim bike and run training.